Last updated 23rd March, 2020

Guardian Vault’s response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the globe is guided by foremost our concern for our valued clients, staff and the wider community. This email is to provide you with some important information about how we will continue to provide our services to you in the current environment.

We take our duty of care to all associated with our businesses very seriously and our response includes making changes in the way in which we provide our services to you.


Access is by appointment only (as of 16th of March, 2020) for all services.

In line with the advice from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organisation, it is required that people who have returned from anywhere overseas are required to self-isolate for 14 days or have come into close contact with another individual who has.

If you are affected by the above, or feeling unwell generally, we kindly request that you do not visit our facilities and reschedule any appointments you have made at our facility to another time. Please be mindful that this response is to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of our Staff, Clients and extended Community and also to ensure that we can continue providing our premium services to all of our Clients, during this time.

  • One appointment will be permitted per lease, per day;
  • Appointments will not overlap;
  • Clients must adhere to staff instructions while present in the facility;
  • Managers reserve the right to temporarily deny entry if they deem your entry is a high risk to other clients or our team.
  • We cannot hold your appointment if you are running late;
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment that you provide ample notice of the cancellation to us.

All clients must meet our existing compliance requirements.

  • When you arrive for your appointment, please call the facility and notify the staff that you have arrived.
  • Please either form a line or join the back of the line, on the street ensuring you are complying with social distancing requirements of a minimum 1.5metres distance away from the person behind and in front of you.
  • The front door of the facility will remain closed at all times and access will only be permitted by a designated Staff member.

Hand sanitiser is readily available at all of our facilities. We are following guidance from the Australian Department of Health and WHO to ensure increased frequency of cleaning of our facilities throughout the day and have provided our Staff with guidance and education.

  • 55 Collins Street will be temporarily closed from Tuesday 24 March 2020, due to our inability to maintain social distancing requirements due to the size of the facility.
  • Effective immediately, we will no longer be opening on Saturdays.

We cannot predict when or how COVID-19 will affect our business and we may have to adjust our hours of operating at some point. This health & safety measure is likely to be caused if we are directed by the Government to temporarily close for a period of time.


Along with other businesses, if we are required to close due to Government direction for a period of time, our facilities remain at all times secure and protected. We have multiple layers of security, which function 24 hours a day regardless of whether we are open or closed. In addition to being monitored by different monitoring centres that are directly connected to the police, trained members of staff have access to our CCTV away from our offices.


Any staff member that has recently returned from Overseas are quarantined for a 14-day period and not allowed to return to work until medically cleared. Staff members have also been advised to self-isolate if they are feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms.

These are unprecedented and challenging times for everyone. We would like to remind our clients that Guardian Vaults and Guardian Gold will not tolerate under any circumstances disrespectful or abusive behavior towards our staff.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we take this opportunity to express our heart-felt thanks to all the healthcare workers, local communities, and organisations around the world who are working to contain this virus.

As we navigate through this unfamiliar situation, we will remain agile, adapting with the recommendations from the relevant authorities as they become available. Let us all be mindful that every decision we make at this time may have broader impacts.

We thank all of our valued clients for their understanding, patience and support during this time.

We are experiencing a high volume of calls to all of our facilities at the moment. We kindly ask that if you are unable to get through to us via phone that you contact us via email here.

Appointments can be made via the link below. Please note this is for Melbourne clients only, Sydney clients can call their facility.