Guardian Vaults can provide our clients with premium security, guarding against the most extreme circumstances, being water and fire resistant.

Access can only be given to registered persons authorised by the account holder.

Anyone who provides custodial services (namely safe deposit boxes) is required to ‘know your customer’ as part of the Austrac requirements under the AML/CTF act. Guardian Vaults will require to sight and take an electronic copy of photo identification for your security.

30 minutes which leaves you with access to your safe deposit box immediately afterwards.

Guardian Vaults recommends that you nominate a Next of Kin or alternatively state in your Will that you have a safe deposit box. When a death certificate is produced, access can be granted to the correct person/s.

Guardian Vaults cooperates fully with necessary law enforcement agencies, and grant access when required by search warrant.

You are under no obligation to declare.

For your security Guardian Vaults does not keep copies. In the event of the loss of your keys it will be necessary to organise a locksmith to drill your lock. An appointment must be made with Guardian Vaults' locksmith and the safe deposit box will be drilled in your presence only.

Anything that is important to you such as documents, passports, titles, wills, insurance documents, marriage certificates, photos, jewellery, memorabilia, heirlooms, letters, negatives, bullion, money, personal items, backup tapes.

For your security, the vaults are fitted with time locks and only accessible within our hours.

If you have further question please contact us.