There is no better way to store

Irreplaceable items

Guardian Vaults provides premium secure storage solutions for special items you would be devastated to lose. Some items need the extra protection and privacy that a purpose-built facility can provide.

Solutions for everybody

What are you storage needs?

Guardian Vaults understands that each client deserves the utmost privacy and security of their valuables, whatever they may be, big or small. See below key some advantages to choosing a Safe Deposit Box, when considering the storage of valuables.


Guardian Vaults offers complete privacy and discretion to precious items. You have complete freedom over your valuables in a controlled environment, you are not required to disclose your box contents.


As Australia's first independent Safe Deposit Box facility with 18 years of operations, Guardian Vault has invested in its security, both physical and electronic. Its investment has culminated in 18 years with an unblemished record.

Flexible hours

Hours that allow you to have more access to your valuables, Saturday hours, with unrestricted visiting allowing you to have more access over your items without sacrificing their security.

Peace of mind

State of the art security in a purpose-built facility such as Guardian Vaults', means customers can have complete confidence of their items safe keeping.

Secure, discreet and professional

Perfect for those special items

Watches, jewellery and antiques are commonly kept around the home, and are subject to the risks associated. The value of them to the individual can be immense, and no one wants to face the possibility of losing the item. For this reason, many store their jewellery and family heirlooms with Guardian Vaults, so they have access for those special occasions, but don't have to worry about managing risks within unsecure environments.

  • Unlimited access to items within opening hours
  • Avoid complex at home solutions
  • Have complete confidence in your item's safety

what our clients have to say


I had a home safe and the entire safe was stolen, I lost everything, so I decided that this time it wasn’t going to happen. I took out a safe deposit box at Guardian Vaults and without any hesitation I would recommend them not only for their security but also their staff. Thanks for all your help.

- Rochelle

William St

Small Safe Deposit box
$ 300 /Year
Ideal for
  • Bullion
  • Wills
  • Hard drives
  • Jewellery
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Medium Safe Deposit box
$ 430 /Year
Ideal for
  • Legal Papers
  • Passports
  • Bullion
  • A4 documents
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Large Safe Deposit box
$ 515 /Year
Ideal for
  • Bound records
  • Collectibles
  • Jewellery boxes
  • Bullion
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