State of the art facilities

A premium experience

  • Australia's oldest Private Vault facility
  • Founded 17 years ago, Guardian Vaults was the first Safe Deposit Facility of its kind in Australia, accumulating experience that helps deliver a better client experience.

  • State of the art security
  • Possessing security systems that rival the very best, protecting client possessions has always been top of mind. Made up of Seismic detectors, infrared sensors and more to provide complete protection.

  • Unblemished record
  • Guardian Vaults constantly strives to deliver peace of mind to clients. This comes from having an unblemished record, in 18 years of operations, building trust and relationships in the process.

Dependable and trustworthy

18 years of excellence

Delivering secure storage services for over 18 years means Guardian Vaults has stood the test of time. Clients have enjoyed the privacy and peace of mind that accompanies Guardian Vaults since 2002.

Sophisticated security technology

Security that leaves nothing to chance

Exceptional security can only be achieved with considerable due diligence. Guardian Vaults has taken this challenge, engaging with experts to constantly improve. See below for some of the many security features that are used.

Infrared and Seismic sensors

Able to detect even the most sophisticated sinister attempts. Advanced sensors are able to pick up the slightest variations in vibrations or temperature.

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24/7 video surveillance

Recording all areas of the vault constantly. This surveillance is actively monitored to provide visibility to any activity no matter the time.

cutting edge

Biometric security

Guardian Vaults uses finger print scanning, to exactly match the identity of the person requesting access. This is just one of the methods that is used to authenticate identity and ensure that valuables are accessed only by those you approve.

This is used in conjunction with digital image verification and a unique pincode as a part of the triad gateway. Security and privacy are prioritised, to give complete confidence to clients that their treasured items are safe guarded in the best of hands.

William St

Small Safe Deposit box
$ 300 /Year
Ideal for
  • Bullion
  • Wills
  • Hard drives
  • Jewellery
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Medium Safe Deposit box
$ 430 /Year
Ideal for
  • Legal Papers
  • Passports
  • Bullion
  • A4 documents
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Large Safe Deposit box
$ 515 /Year
Ideal for
  • Bound records
  • Collectibles
  • Jewellery boxes
  • Bullion
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The guardian difference

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William St

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