Guardian Vaults would like to inform clients that the transition to a paperless and cashless system which was scheduled to take place on 20th April, 2020 will be deferred until regular business operations resume and this will be at the direction of relevant authorities, due to COVID-19.

This will mean that some business practices put in place in preparation for the transition will remain, while some scheduled changes will be temporarily deferred.

Remaining in place,

  • Guardian Vaults will no longer be accepting cash payments
  • Postal communications will cease from 20 April 2020

Deferred until further notice,

  • Previously communicated changes to fees will deferred temporarily
  • The BPAY payment method will be deferred temporarily

Guardian Vaults would like to reiterate, providing bank account or credit card payment details will still be necessary as part of the transition. For more information, make sure to contact our offices, here.