Guardian Vaults Safe Deposit Boxes

What size safe deposit box do I need?

Once you’ve made the decision to use a safe deposit box to store your treasured belongings, the next thing to consider is what size you’ll need.

At our Guardian Vaults facilities in Sydney and Melbourne, we offer four different safe deposit box sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. In each case, the box is 56cm long, slotting into the wall of the secure vault.

The small option is slim and shallow, measuring 14cm wide and 8cm high. This is a good size for storing small family heirlooms, passports, engagement rings and medals. If you’re storing gold or silver, this option will hold up to 90oz of gold coins or twenty-two 1kg silver bars.

The medium option is the same height as the small box, but twice as wide. This makes it a great size for storing documents like birth and marriage certificates that you don’t want scrolled or folded, photographs, and larger jewellery pieces. It will hold up to twenty-five 20oz gold and silver coin tubes.

The large safe deposit box provides more depth and width, ideal for storing reasonably large items, provided they aren’t too tall. This is a great option for storing bigger stacks of important documents, valuable items like gold candlesticks, and expensive collectors’ items. It can also hold up to forty 1kg silver bars or thirteen 100oz silver bars.

The largest safe deposit box we offer provides enough storage space to accommodate bigger items including sizeable heirlooms, vintage designer fashion pieces and small works of art. It can also hold a 1,000oz silver bar or sixty-four 20oz gold and silver coin tubes.

Which option you select will naturally come down to what you plan to put in your safe deposit box. Remember to consider what you might be adding to your safe deposit box in the near future, to avoid running out of space. If you do find that you need more room, you can always upgrade to a larger size.

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