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jewellery safe deposit box- Why Have One?

It’s not just jewelry to you. It’s memories. It’s your past, pieces handed down through generations. That gold necklace from your grandmother, the one you store in your home safe and insure, might have a specific value according to that insurance policy but, in reality, is entirely irreplaceable and beyond...

What factors will affect gold in 2015?

The price of gold often depends on a number of competing factors, some of which can be very difficult to predict in today's socio-economic climate. However, analysts across a range of disciplines have made predictions of what they believe will be the most important influences on gold markets in 2015....

Important News for Guardian Vaults Customers

As you may be aware, in October last year the Australian Taxation Office announced that it was investigating companies in the gold bullion industry suspected of GST fraud estimated at more than $65 million. Since that time there have been a number of media reports about the matter and the...

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