Monthly Archives: February 2016

What can I store in a safe deposit box?

Food is placed in a refrigerator, to keep cool and fresh. Clothes are placed into a wardrobe to stay pressed and organised. All of our items have their place to keep them from getting damaged, staying organised and to make sure they don’t get misplaced – ease of locating them...

Guardian Vaults in WeSydney

Guardian Vaults Melbourne and Sydney were featured in WeSydney February issue. Read more...  

Guardian Vaults Sydney launches Large 800 Series Safes and Walk-in Strongrooms

Guardian Vaults have been providing secure storage to the public since 2002. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in our industry, from general storage of documents, video tapes, photographs, jewellery and gold to storing larger items such as fine art and antique furniture. Due to this strong demand,...

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